Kayaker in turquoise sea at Old Harry Rocks, Dorset

Kayaker at Old Harry Rocks

© Dorset Video Project / Arran Witheford and Brady Gee

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Arts Development Company

Discover Beaminster: A Hidden Gem of Dorset

Jasmine O’Hare and photographer Jayne Jackson share their new favourite spot in Dorset. Nestled in a beautiful natural valley and surrounded by rolling hills is Beaminster, a charming town that’s perfect for a peaceful and relaxing day out. It’s just five miles north of Bridport and ten minutes from…

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Dorset Book Festivals

Dorset has inspired a wealth of writers throughout history, and many have called it home. It’s only fitting that this county has an abundance of literary festivals throughout the year. Here’s a round-up of five festivals across beautiful Dorset towns, dedicated to literature, books and writing…

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Autumn & Winter in Dorchester

This month, our guest blog writer Jasmine from the Arts Development Company shares her favourite place to visit in Dorchester during the Autumn and Winter months. This beautiful, historic market town of Dorchester is the perfect destination in the colder months. It offers plenty of activities to…

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Immersive Events in Dorset this Summer

Our guest blog writer Jasmine O’Hare, from the Arts Development Company, shares her top immersive experiences this summer. Dorset is home to so many incredible events and festivals during the summer months. From world-famous festivals to community events, there are experiences to suit everyone. I’m…

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Unearthing Dorset's Coastal Heritage

Dorset’s coast is steeped in history. From Danish Viking landings to the Wildcats of Bridport, the county’s landscape is full of stories, folklore and forgotten traditions. A project four-years in the making will now uncover and celebrate the county’s thrilling history in a beautiful coastal walk…

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Historical Gardens of Dorset

Dorset is home to many beautiful gardens that give visitors a glimpse into the past, and a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the county. Our guest blog writer Jasmine O’Hare, from the Arts Development Company, shares her top picks. Historical gardens feel to me like the closest experience to…

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Culture On The Coast

Experience arts and creativity by the sea this winter. Dorset-born creative Jasmine O'Hare celebrates some of the finest (and warmest) galleries on our glorious south coast. We have some cold weather ahead of us, and although Dorset’s coastline may be chilly, there are spectacular seaside spots…

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Dorset handrawn heart Jurassic Coast

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