For nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, exploring Dorset's stunning coastline, rolling countryside, and rich biodiversity is an experience like no other. However, for those with mobility challenges or disabilities, accessing these natural treasures may seem daunting.

Fortunately, Dorset boasts several accessible nature reserves and countryside destinations, ensuring that everyone can immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors...

Durlston Country Park and National Nature Reserve

Located near Swanage, Durlston Country Park offers a diverse range of accessible trails, stunning vistas, and abundant wildlife. The park features paved paths, accessible toilets, and designated parking spaces. Visitors can spot seabirds along the rugged cliffs, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst wildflower meadows. Interpretation boards with braille and audio descriptions enhance the experience for visually impaired visitors.

Durlston are also pleased to offer a British Sign Language Video Tour of the Clifftop Trail to visitors, available from the Durlston Castle reception on a tablet and visual storytelling guides. 



Arne RSPB Nature Reserve

Situated on the Isle of Purbeck, Arne RSPB Nature Reserve is a haven for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. Accessible trails wind through heathlands, woodlands, and wetlands, offering glimpses of rare birds, including Dartford warblers and spoonbills. The reserve provides accessible parking, wheelchair-friendly paths, and accessible bird hides equipped with viewing scopes and seating. Interpretive signage and audio guides provide insights into the reserve's ecology and conservation efforts.

Kingston Lacy Estate

Managed by the National Trust, Kingston Lacy Estate encompasses expansive parklands, formal gardens, and ancient woodlands. The estate offers accessible routes for visitors to explore its diverse landscapes, including the Japanese Garden, the Kitchen Garden, and the Cedar Avenue. Accessible parking, toilets, and café facilities cater to the needs of all visitors. Additionally, the estate provides sensory garden experiences and tactile interpretation panels for visually impaired visitors.

Wareham Forest

For those seeking tranquility amid ancient woodlands, Wareham Forest offers accessible trails and peaceful surroundings. Wheelchair-friendly paths wind through dense forests, where visitors can encounter deer, butterflies, and rare plant species. The forest provides accessible parking, picnic areas, and toilet facilities. Interpretive signage highlights the forest's history, ecology, and conservation significance, enriching the visitor experience.

Lodmoor Country Park

Situated in Weymouth, Lodmoor Country Park is a mosaic of wetlands, reed beds, and grasslands teeming with wildlife. Accessible boardwalks and paths meander through the park, offering views of wading birds, dragonflies, and amphibians. The park features accessible parking, toilets, and a visitor centre with interactive exhibits. Audio guides and tactile displays engage visitors of all abilities, fostering a deeper appreciation for the park's natural heritage.

Brownsea Island

If you have always wanted to visit Brownsea Island, but were unsure if you could with a mobility scooter or as a wheelchair user, you can now book a place on the Seahorse landing craft from March to Sept. This vessel provides an accessible service over to the island, sailing from Sandbanks Yacht Company.

Once on the island, there are Electric Squirrel Shuttle mini bus tours, all-terrain wheelchairs and pushchairs available and sensory backpacks to hire. 

North Dorset Trailway

This walking, cycling and horse-riding route runs along the old Somerset and Dorset Railway line track, taking you back in time. The largest section of the North Dorset Trailway path runs along a flat, surfaced three-metre-wide track suitable for pushchairs and mobility vehicles.

Tramper Hire

Part of the Countryside Mobility Scheme, 'Tramper' hire now provides an opportunity for visitors who would otherwise find walking difficult to be able to access and enjoy many of Dorset's paths and views with friends and family. There is no need to be registered as disabled, have a Blue Badge or use a wheelchair or scooter.

Hire of these off road mobility scooters is available at a number of Dorset locations, including Durlston, Avon Heath and Moors Valley Country Parks, Highland's End Holiday Park, Hive Beach, Hardy’s Cottage, Studland, RSPB Arne and Lulworth Cove.


For further accessible routes, please visit the Accessible Countryside website. 

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