Weymouth Mural Trail

Weymouth’s Mural Trail is a partnership between Weymouth Town Council and We Are Weymouth

Why not go on a journey around Weymouth and see how many striking artworks you can discover? From Overcombe to Lodmoor, to the town centre and South Harbourside, as well as the Nothe Gardens, there are 10 locations with hidden gems to find. 

Complete the trail in one go, explore in stages, or do it all over again – it’s up to you! And don’t forget to share your photos. #VisitWeymouth #WeAreWeymouthUK.

Without revealing the artworks in full, here’s a sneak peek of the pieces, a map of the trail and insights from the wonderful artists who created them. 

Location 1 - Lodmoor Nature Reserve

Birds in the Reeds by Delphine Jones.

Bridport-based Illustrator Delphine says: “As the location of my mural is right by Lodmoor Nature Reserve I wanted to create a colourful piece celebrating the variety of bird species the reserve supports and creates a haven for. My design just includes a few of the bird species found here – there are many more! 

Location 2 - Greenhill Gardens

Near Here did King George Get Royally Wet by Hugh Dunford-Wood.

Hugh lives on a hillside on the outskirts of Bridport, and has worked as the artist in residence with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Hugh says: “In November 1788, King George III had an emotional crisis. He was a very accomplished monarch, and although labelled ‘Mad King George’, it is now understood that he suffered from bipolar disorder. The royal physician Dr Crane recommended the benefits of sea air, sea bathing and even salt water to drink as a tonic. Dr Crane claimed that his home town of Weymouth was the best place for the King to convalesce. 

Location 3 - Beach Operations Building

Massive Postcard by Si Jubb.

Si Jubb is a photographer and Weymouth resident whose bold, candid images celebrate the quirkiness and colour of modern life. Si says: “I wanted to honour the magical joy of the summer seafront in Weymouth, with a recognisable beach holiday related visual form. After debating fish ’n’ chips and ice cream menus, I decided a postcard was a very suitable candidate. In art and design I have always found oversized versions of everyday items rather satisfying and I thought this was an enjoyable combination."

Location 4 - Weymouth Library 

A Library of Knowledge by Marina Renee-Cemmick.

Marina grew up in Dorset and studied Fine Art Painting in Glasgow. Marina says: “The original idea was to create a piece that would be engaging and colourful, celebrating the library as a place of community, connection and sharing of knowledge. Figures of all different ages and ethnicities sit together, nestled amongst a towering stack of books, reading, working, learning, helping one another."

Location 5 - St Thomas Street

Coming soon - watch this space.

Location 6 - St Mary’s Church Passage

Pipe Dreams by Sockoven.

Weymouth born artist, Sockoven found his unique one of a kind style during the pandemic. He has painted walls all across the UK from private homes to local establishments – and now here in the centre of his home town! Sockoven says: “The idea behind this piece is about dreaming of going to new places and meeting new people but inevitably always ending back where you started. Going around and around the pipe system.” 

Location 7 - 24 Trinity Road / The Bridge Fair Trade Shop 

The Smugglers Map of Weymouth and Portland by Roo (Sarah Hesketh).

Roo has been creating large scale artworks for many years and this mural tells a tale of the history of Weymouth. Roo says: “This old and tattered map of Weymouth and Portland, including three coins from the 1800s, scattered tea leaves and a tea stain on the map, portray items that could have been pulled from the pocket of a smuggler."

Location 8 - Red Lion, Hope Street

Moonshiner by Ivy Langley.

Ivy’s work takes inspiration from A smuggler’s song by Rudyard Kipling. Ivy says: “I wanted to create a mural inspired by Weymouth’s rich history of smuggling and the families involved, to bring their stories alive. Emmanuel Charles, landlord of the then Crown Inn at Osmington Mills was the ringleader of the ruthless smuggling ‘Charles gang’."

Location 9 - WOEC Portacabin, Weymouth Stone Pier

Life Beneath the Waves by artist Georgia Green.

Georgia’s playful interpretation of marine life aims to appeal to children and adults alike, and gently reminds us how important it is to preserve biodiversity for current and future generations. The artist’s work ‘Life Beneath The Waves’ is designed to complement the vibrant urban and coastal colours in and around Weymouth Pier, reinvigorating the building it covers with bold and lively paint. Georgia’s design focuses on the rich diversity of marine flora and fauna inhabiting Dorset’s expansive coastline. 

Location 10 - Nothe Gardens, Barrack Road

Past and Present by Claire Nuttall.

There are 3 murals at this location - Marine, Sail and Peace. 

Claire is an artist based in West Bay, Dorset and started her career painting film scenery at Pinewood Studios. Claire comments on the three murals: “I loved this location, as it gives me the opportunity to paint three different, but linked murals around the building."

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