Nature events in Dorset

When you visit Dorset, you are transported into an unspoilt world of outstanding natural beauty, a place where sea, coastline, hills, streams, meadows and woods stretch out as far as the eye can see.

One of the great draws of this beautiful county is the chance to unplug from the daily rush and indulge in the simple pleasures of country life.

Get even closer to the natural world in Dorset by taking part in these nature-based events.

Lend nature a helping hand

Whether you want to get stuck in helping with practical management of a reserve, or your children want to join in with face-painting, nestbox making and pond-dipping, you’ll love taking part in the hands-on activities here in Dorset.

There’s plenty going on throughout the year at Moors Valley Country ParkDurlston Country Park and the National Trust's Brownsea Island. The RSPB and Dorset Wildlife Trust also run a range of exciting events where you can get involved.

You could be building a den one day to embarking on a mini-beast safari the next!

Get to know Dorset better

Guided walks help you get better acquainted with the wildlife of an area, whether you are local or on holiday, plus it really helps to enrich your experience of the countryside. 

Expert guides lead these group walks, and will be able to answer all your burning questions along the way.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know how to recognise what bird is making that beautiful melody, or what species of butterfly has those striking markings, then book on to a walk at your nearest nature reserve and you can find out…

Mindful Dorset

The Dorset countryside is a place to stir the senses and calm the mind, a place where you can feel Mother Nature’s spirit all around you!

There is a fantastic selection of heath and wellbeing events on in Dorset that take advantage of our glorious surroundings.

From practicing yoga on the beach and relaxation walks to stargazing workshops and dancing at ancient sites, you’ll find a deeper connection with the landscape here.   

Environmentally conscious accommodation

You’ll find lots of accommodation here in Dorset that adopts a sustainable approach, so rest assured you’ll be doing every bit to protect this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Look out for accommodation that takes part in the Green Tourism Scheme or has a David Bellamy Conservation Award.

Or, what better way to feel at one with nature than to camp outdoors? 

Nature eventscoming soon!

Ecological Value and Biodiversity of Carey Sep 23

Ecological Value and Biodiversity of Carey

Learn about the biodiversity and ecological value of the Carey Estate with Paul Morton - Estate Biodiversity Recorder.  Includes a 45-minute talk followed by a wider walk of the grounds at Carey.

Planet Purbeck Festival Sep 23

Planet Purbeck Festival

The Planet Purbeck Festival From 20th Sept until 26th Sept 2021. There will be over 200 events & activities taking place during the festival. Here are just some the exciting thing we have planned:...

Sustainable Forest Use Sep 23

Sustainable Forest Use

Sir Ghillean Prance is internationally renowned and respected as Plantsman and Ethno-Botanist and Ecologist. Formerly Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew from 1988 to 1999 and...

Living with Biodiversity Sep 24

Living with Biodiversity

Allowing wildlife to share our gardens can bring challenges with pests and disease. We may have to live with a greater mix of planting types allowing room for nature. Learn techniques to minimise pest...

Park to Pier Walk Oct 09

Park to Pier Walk

Meeting at Durlston Castle, join a Ranger for a stroll from Durlston Castle to Swanage Pier, on the way discovering the history, wildlife and geology of Durlston Bay. Once you reach the Pier, you will...

Pick Your Own Pumpkins & Halloween Maize Maze Oct 09

Pick Your Own Pumpkins & Halloween Maize Maze

For Autumn 2021 we have a fabulous range of activities for you all to enjoy at Fordingbridge. For the budding pumpkinologists there is 10 acres of pumpkins to pick, for the crafty, lots to create,...

Pier to Park Walk Nov 20

Pier to Park Walk

Meeting at Swanage Pier, join a Jurassic Coast Volunteer for a stroll from Swanage Pier to Durlston Castle, on the way discovering the history, wildlife and geology of the bay. Once you reach...