Litter Free Dorset

Litter Free Dorset is made up of a group of local organisations, charities and community groups. They all work together to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter. This is done by trying to stop littering behaviour in the first place and through clean up campaigns.

Bring Your Own (BYO)

The BYO Campaign is about bringing your own reusable bags, coffee cups, water bottles, lunch boxes and cutlery with you during your day trip or holiday to Dorset. 

By bringing your own, you'll be helping to reduce single-use packaging going to landfill and you might also save yourself some money too, as some cafés and takeaways offer discounts if you bring your own coffee cup or reusable lunch box - so look out for the window stickers when you're choosing where to shop.

Choose Picnics Not BBQs

With large areas of Dorset's countryside and beaches being close to nature reserves and other protected landscapes, Litter Free Dorset are urging visitors and residents to stop using disposable BBQs in areas where there is a high fire risk, and instead choose to have a picnic instead.

Flames from BBQs, disposable BBQs and discarded cigarettes have caused devastating wild fires on Dorset's important heathlands and woodlands, which kills wildlife and takes years for the plants, trees and landscape to recover from.

Bin Your Butt

If you are a smoker, you can help keep Dorset litter free, by responsibly extinguishing and disposing of your cigarette butts in the correct bins and containers. 

Cigarette butts that are dropped along roadsides or down alley ways can easily get washed down the drain, polluting Dorset's rivers, lakes and sea. Surface water drains don’t contain filters that prevent cigarette butts from passing through, and so the butts can directly enter waterways. This means that the toxins and heavy metals contained in cigarettes can travel into rivers and the sea and leach toxic chemicals into water sources. 

Litter Free Land, Coast and Sea

All supporters want a litter free Dorset and act in ways that help achieve this and encourage other people to do so too.

Litter Free Dorset is coordinated by the Dorset Coast Forum.

Find out more about Litter Free Dorset at

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Twitter - @LitterFreeDrst.
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