Broadchurch Trail in Dorset

Broadchurch - ITV’s gripping drama was filmed on location in West Bay, near Bridport.

West Bay, situated on Dorset’s coastline, played a starring role alongside David Tennant and Olivia Colman in ITV1’s hit drama, Broadchurch. The spectacular East Cliff and beach featured prominently throughout both series and were integral to setting the mood of the drama and are symbolic to the award winning drama.

This Trail will help you to discover some of the key filming locations used in the series. Immerse yourself in the surroundings and retrace the footsteps of the characters you’ve avidly followed. Broadchurch was penned by local writer, Chris Chibnall, and the Dorset landscape was always intended to be very much a character in the drama.

“Broadchurch was a love letter to the scenery of the Jurassic Coast” says Chris. “which used key West Dorset landmarks as part of its story. The landscape informs the drama: the cliffs, the sea, the beach were all key elements of the story”.

West Bay filming locations

The numbered locations (1 to 10) are all in West Bay and within walking distance of each other. All other filming locations (numbered 11 to 17) are within the surrounding area and are not all within walking distance of West Bay and may need to be visited separately.

You can download a copy of the Broadchurch Trail leaflet to see a map and information about all the filming locations. Please note this leaflet is not an Accessible PDF - the text from the leaflet is included on this webpage.  Please contact us if you need this leaflet in an accessible format.

Location 1 - West Cliff

Many scenes were shot from this cliff and it provides magnificent views across West Bay. Take a walk up the cliff and soak up the vista!

Location 2 - Jurassic Pier and West Bay Harbour

The Jurassic Pier and harbour provided the setting for many scenes due to its beautiful views across the coastline.

Location 3 - Wessex Police Station

The Folly on West Quay provides the exterior for the Broadchurch police station.

Location 4 - Broadchurch Café

The interior of Ellipse Café was used on several occasions throughout series one.

Location 5 - Hardy’s riverside home

The blue beach chalet where DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant's character) stayed in series two sits on the banks of the River Brit in West Bay and offers views across the river, harbour and meadows behind.

Location 6 - Broadchurch Echo Newspaper Officer

Located near the green in West Bay, the amusement arcade was used as the Broadchurch Echo office in series two.

Location 7 - Newsagent

The exterior of this newsagent was used as Jack Marshall's newsagent in the first series.

Location 8 - Sea Brigade Hall

The old Methodist Church near the entrance to East Beach was dressed and used as the exterior for the Sea Brigade Hall in the first series.

Location 9 - East Pier

This pier was used for many scenes, particularly the hut and bench during the first series.

Location 10 - Harbour Cliff Beach

Easily recognisable as the stunning setting of the beach where Danny’s body was found in the opening episode of the first series. The towering sandstone cliffs and beach are so symbolic to Broadchurch and feature prominently throughout both series.

Other filming locations outside of West Bay

Location 11 - Susan Wright’s Caravan (at Freshwater)

Freshwater Beach Holiday Park provided the setting for Susan Wright’s caravan located on the beach.

Location 12 - Briar Cliff Hut (at Eype)

The exterior of this hut at Eype was used for the murder scene of Danny Latimer. This hut is privately owned and is not accessible to the public but the views from here across the Jurassic Coast are stunning.

Location 13 - Beach huts (at Charmouth)

The beach huts used throughout series two are located on Charmouth beach, west of West Bay. This was the location for several scenes between Claire and Lee, Claire and DS Ellie Miller and also where Mark and Beth Latimer met Jocelyn out for her walk in the first episode of the series two.

Location 14 - Broadchurch nightclub and taxi rank (at Weymouth)

The nightclub scenes where DS Ellie Miller and Claire went for a night out in series two were filmed at the The Lazy Lizard in nearby seaside town of Weymouth.

Location 15 - Stonebarrow (nr Charmouth)

This is the location which was used for some of Lee Ashworth’s scenes where he was working and met with DI Alec Hardy.

Location 16 - Lee Ashworth’s hideout (at Puncknowle)

The Knoll at Puncknowle provided the location for many scenes with Lee and Claire Ashworth in series two. The Knoll is located on the coast road between West Bay and Abbotsbury. Enjoy views over the whole sweep of Lyme Bay and inland over most of the West Dorset hills.

Location 17 - Bluebell woods (at Hooke)

The bluebell woods that are integral to the Sandbrook case in series two are located at Hooke Woods near Beaminster, although the river that features in the series is in the South East of England.

Quotes from the cast

Dorset is a great place to come on holiday, but don’t just take our word for it - the Broadchurch cast and crew love filming in Dorset.

David Tennant - “I loved being back in West Bay .... West Bay is the location that everyone recognises. We always enjoy coming back here”.

Olivia Colman - “Being on the cliff at Bridport in the sunshine during the first week of filming was just amazing. Idyllic”.

Eve Myles - “I’d never been there before - how glorious is that place and why haven’t I been before? It’s two hours from my house door to door, I’ll be going there a lot more. I was spotting out places to take the children next summer. It’s beautiful.”

Pauline Quirke - “I have absolutely fallen in love with the place. I loved being at West Bay and when I got the chance I’d go off exploring. I have been to Lyme Regis and lots of other places just having a wander around with Bailey, her pet labrador."

Marianne Jean-Baptiste - “When I watched Broadchurch, I thought where is this; it has to be the South of France or somewhere, because the light is fantastic.”

James D’Arcy - “It was a joy to go to work every morning in one of the most beautiful places in England”.

Charlotte Rampling - “It was a really great experience to film there. I find it an extraordinary coastline, very inspiring county and a beautiful part of England".

Safety on the coast

We pride ourselves on the stunning Jurassic Cliffs that tower along the West Dorset coast, however, please take care when walking on or near the cliffs and follow the safety advice and warning signs that are located along the coast.

Erosion is a natural, ongoing process along this stretch of coast – and is one of the main reasons why the Jurassic Coast was designated a World Heritage Site. Exceptional rainfall leaves some of the cliffs in an unpredictable and unstable condition, with a heightened risk of additional landslides, mudslides and rock falls.

People can and should enjoy the coast but should, as always, take care when out and about.

Being on the cliff at Bridport in the sunshine during the first week of filming was just amazing. Idyllic.
Olivia Colman - DS Miller in the Broadchurch series

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