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Being a sustainable business is not only good for the planet and will help towards lowering your carbon footprint, there are also other benefits which you may not have considered. There are opportunities to save money, be more efficient and also widen your customer base.

In our 2023 consumer survey, 78% of Dorset visitors said reducing their carbon footprint or making more sustainable choices on holiday was very (25%) or somewhat (53%) important. Therefore a large number of visitors are looking towards tourism businesses to become more sustainable.

This echoes research by Euromonitor that 76% of consumers are now more concerned about sustainability than pre Covid-19. However, the number of tourism businesses prioritising sustainability now is only 42%, meaning there is a huge opportunity to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly holidays and low impact tourism.

Information from VisitBritain

VisitBritain has lots of resources to help your business become more sustainable. In addition, we've pulled together further resources and local case studies which you might find useful.

Eco friendly projects you could implement

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