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Explore Deepest Dorset

Visit the towns and villages of Dorset's hidden gem - the rural north of the county.

Plan your very own Dorset adventure

A Dorset Video project collaboration.

Take time and discover Dorset

Let us inspire you with ideas of where to go, what to do and how to spend your days.

Explore Dorset's Gardens

Find your corner of paradise and savour Dorset's stunning gardens.

A Flavour of Rural Dorset

Dorset has some of the finest food and drink to be found anywhere and is famous the world over for its quality and quantity.

Explore Rural Dorset

Looking to get away from it all? Need inspiration? Then look no further than the stunning, green, rural idyll that is rural Dorset.

Fall in love with Dorset

We're sure after watching our video you'll love Dorset just as much as we do!

What does your Dorset look like? Adventures on our epic coastline? Visiting attractions with family? A walk through the beautiful countryside? Or perhaps a chilled out evening eating and drinking with friends? Discover a sample of your #VisitDorset images below and share your love for Dorset using the hashtag on Instagram.