Enjoy Taking in Our Scenery

Do enjoy taking in our scenery – drive carefully on our country roads.

Dorset’s country roads are great for scenic drives and exploring more of our gorgeous countryside.

Just remember that country roads can be narrow and high hedgerows mean you can’t always see what’s coming towards you. Many of our villages don’t have pavements, so don’t be surprised to find dog walkers and other pedestrians walking in the road and of course the odd horse rider too.

Although there are a few large towns in Dorset, it is mostly a rural county. So be prepared to share the road with the local wildlife, tractors and even farm animals.

When out on your day of adventure, think carefully about where you stop to take that amazing photo or set up for the perfect picnic. Always make sure that emergency vehicles can pass by and access gates are kept clear. And it goes without saying that when you get the call of nature, make sure it's not nature that you answer the call on!

Always remember to drive safe in Dorset.

Do enjoy our wonderful county – promise to love Dorset.

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