Dorset is the place to be to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings with a variety of events happening across the county.


There will be a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flypast over Portland Bill, Weymouth Cenotaph and Victorian Gardens.  The time is yet to be announced and it is subject to national commitments and weather conditions.

Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Special commemorative events marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6th, are being hosted by Weymouth Town Council and The Nothe Fort.

Inside the historic fort, you can explore D-Day's story through exhibitions featuring 3-D models, video presentations, newspaper reports, resident memories, and historic images from Weymouth Museum. Experience an immersive soundscape by sound artist Joe Butcher from the observational tower, featuring memories from D-Day veterans and locals affected by the invasion. There will also be beacon lighting at 9.15.

Free tickets are available through The Nothe Fort website.

Nothe Gardens, Weymouth

Enjoy a display of military vehicles and a celebration of National Fish and Chip Day with local company Bennetts serving up this seaside classic from a van between 4pm and 8pm. There will be an outdoor big screen broadcasting national coverage and historical footage relevant to the era between 3pm and 9pm.

Discover the Tanks of D-Day

Visit the Tank Museum and discover the tanks of D-Day as well as experience live tank displays during the May half term, 25 May – 2 June.

Visitors can find out more about the famous invasion at Normandy, with the morse code machine activity, float a tank task, and interactive games and trails.

This half term the Tank Museum will tell the story of the role of tanks and the crews at D-Day through an exciting programme of hands-on activities.

Visitors can take part in tracked vehicle rides in the area and see an explosive live tank display every weekday.

Dorchester D-Day

Dorchester played a big part in the preparations for D-Day. The population of Dorchester and the surrounding villages swelled with the influx of American GI’s in the run up to the event. Tanks lined the streets, soldiers filled the pubs, war time romances flourished at dances and children enjoyed the sweets handed out by the American soldiers.

Watch actors and performers bring to life what life was like in Dorchester in the run up to D-Day. Travel to seven different locations around Dorchester town centre and experience a different performance at each. Some humorous, some thought provoking, all moving. Each one looks at a different event or experience of the time and all are based on real memories and historic accounts of Dorchester.

Armour and Embarkation 2024 – WW2 Convoy comes to Dorchester

This event intends to replicate the build up to D-Day in Dorset to commemorate those who went to war, and to give people an idea of what Dorset, it’s towns and villages would have looked like on the build up to D-Day, June 6th 1944. Follow the routes the tanks and men used on their way to Weymouth and Portland harbours. With the help of military vehicle enthusiasts, the Armour & Embarkation event aims to demonstrate the true scale of the operation behind one of this country’s most important events in modern history.

Add to the atmosphere and become part of this immersive event by dressing in period costume! You could be members of the public from the 1940’s or maybe French resistance, Air Wardens, Land girls (or boys) evacuees, police, firemen spies, anything you like, use your imagination – Everyone is welcome!

The Armour & Embarkation event will be arriving in Dorchester around 3:30 pm on Saturday 22nd June. The convoy will park along Weymouth Avenue next to Brewery Square.

Dance the Night Away at The Keep

Invoking the spirit of 1940s Dorchester, swing and shimmy the night away with live music from The 1940s Big Blitz Band.

Why not attend in your best 1940s dress to add to the fun of the evening.

Christchurch Commemorative Beacon Event

With live music, local food, fun fair rides, face painting and a ‘history hub’ curated by local historians, organisations and charities there’s lots to keep you and your whole family entertained whilst learning about Christchurch’s mighty role in the Second World War.