Sherborne Castle lake and water cascade in autumn

The Cascade at Sherborne Castle and Gardens in autumn

© Sherborne Castle Estate and Jayson Hutchins

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Looking for inside knowledge, top ideas for days out, inspiration of where to visit?  Look no further, our blog posts will help you discover the very best of Sherborne throughout the seasons!

Fall in love with Sherborne

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, what better way to tell your partner you love them, than surprising them with a romantic trip away… Visit the glorious Dorset countryside and explore the ancient market town of Sherborne. Whether you visit for the day or spend a night or two within the town…

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Winter in Sherborne

Sherborne takes on a unique charm during the winter months. As the temperature drops and the town gets adorned in a blanket of frost, visitors can discover a different side of Sherborne—one that is equally enchanting. Take in the historical ambience One of the key attractions of Sherborne during…

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Exploring Sherborne on a Budget

Sherborne offers a wealth of experiences for visitors without having to spend a fortune. From historic landmarks to scenic walks, there are numerous free things to do in Sherborne. This blog highlights ten delightful activities that will allow you to make the most of your time in this enchanting…

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Discover the Summer Delights of Sherborne

Nestled in the picturesque Dorset countryside, Sherborne is idyllic destination to experience the magic of summer. With its rich heritage, charming architecture and captivating landscapes, this historic town offers a plethora of delightful experiences for visitors seeking an unforgettable summer…

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24 hours in Sherborne

Nestled in green valleys and wooded hills, Sherborne is without doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in England and has a reputation for rich history, beautiful architecture, art, antiques and world famous schools. If you are planning a trip to Sherborne and have only 24 hours to explore, here is…

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Autumn in Sherborne

Sherborne is a delightfully picturesque place to visit all year round, however Autumn is the season where it really comes into its own. The honey-hued buildings glow golden in the low, warm sunshine, the natural landscape is at its most spectacular, the cafes are full of the tastes of pumpkin spice…

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