Sculpture Trail at Lyme Regis

The Langmoor and Lister Gardens in the heart of Lyme Regis have been home to the Sculpture Trail since 2015. Perched above the beach, with far-reaching views to the Cobb and coastline beyond, the gardens provide a perfect outdoor gallery for a range of contemporary sculptures by local artists.

Selected each year from established and upcoming artists, the artworks are chosen to represent a cross-section of the visual arts encompassing different materials and styles. The Town Council aims to enhance the natural beauty of the gardens and wider landscape through providing a creative experience for visitors.

The Sculptures


Sitting discreetly on a bench, sculptor Victoria Westaway was specially commissioned to create this piece for the gardens. This sculpture represents slowing down time, it reminds us of stepping away and getting lost in stories and fables. Metres of steel wire is twisted, looped and tied to create stylised figurative forms that sit calmly, offering others to share the space. Why not take a seat next to The Reader and enjoy the view across Lyme Bay?

The Juggler

This playful sculpture was inspired by the acrobats performing in Covent Garden, London. Artist Claire Trenchard’s work concentrates on capturing the strength, power and movement of animals. It is the essence of the animal that interests her.

Tree Pods

These willow sculptures by Victoria Westaway reflect the Jurassic geology of Lyme’s stretch of coastline. Hundreds of withies from the Somerset Levels have been twisted, looped and tied to create these protective shields, encouraging us to cradle and respect our green environment.

Spare Part Bird

Spare Part Bird can be found perched on the roof of the gazebo in the Langmoor Gardens, where many of the birds sit. The sculpture by Greta Berlin was made from recycled materials found on East Beach in Lyme.

Rock Woman

This sculpture by Claire Nuttall faces the yellow cliffs you see in the distance. She is carved out of the sandstone and references what women did there in the rope and net industry in the past.


In the north east of the gardens you will find Greta Berlin’s sculpture ‘Time’, described as a meditation on time, our mortality, and our place in the world. The woman will rust away over time, but the creature on her head, which represents deep time, will not. But while she is here, she is indomitable and challenges all that faces her.

Open Form

These intriguing structures by Isla Chaney are contemplative and deliberately ambiguous. Isla is concerned with the internal architecture of things and focusing on the patterns, growth and transformation inherent to all natural phenomena. 

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