Being sustainable during the pandemic

If you are struggling to maintain your business eco-credentials because of the pandemic, we've gathered together some great tips and information for you.

Reducing single use packaging and plastics

Green Tourism have produced a useful blog about reducing single use packaging and plastics while still maintaining hygiene standards and keeping customers safe.

Allowing customers to use reusables

City to Sea have information about using re-usable containers during the pandemic and say "Over 125 health experts from eighteen countries have come forward releasing a public statement to reassure both businesses and consumers that reusable containers do not increase the chance of virus transmission and are safe to use, providing basic hygiene is in place."

Litter Free Dorset are promoting a few simple steps for serving contactless coffee in re-usable drinks cups and you can watch their video on YouTube

City to Sea provide similar advice about serving tap water top ups for re-usable water bottles during the pandemic.

Reducing food waste

UK Hospitality have some great tips for reducing food waste and re-distributing leftover food if you find that you have surplus stock.

Reducing PPE waste and how to recycle single-use PPE

Find out how to reduce and dispose of your PPE waste more responsibly from Safe Tec Direct.

If you are looking to recycle PPE, Terracycle have a Zero Waste Box scheme which allows you to recycle certain single-use items such as masks and gloves.

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