Sustainable travel and transport

How to visitors arrive in Dorset?

In our 2023 consumer survey, we asked visitors how they travel to Dorset for a holiday.

The majority of visitors (75%) arrived by car (petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid). The other 25% was made of up of a mixture of public transport, motorhome or motorbike. 

  • 71% by petrol or diesel car 
  • 10% by train 
  • ​4% by coach 
  • 4% by motorhome/campervan 
  • 3% electric car 
  • 3% by bus 
  • 1% hybrid car 
  • 1% ferry 
  • 1% motorbike 
  • ​2% other 

In the same survey we asked what visitors were prepared to do to help the environment. These answers relate specifically to travel and transport.

  • 49% would use public transport, walk or cycle once arrived in Dorset 
  • ​37% travel by public transport wherever possible 

Sustainable Travel

With travel and transport being a large part of a visitor's carbon footprint when travelling to and around Dorset, helping your customers to make sustainable travel choices makes a big difference.

Always make sure that your website is up-to-date with how visitors can travel to your business without a car. If you are an accommodation business you should also include information on your website or printed leaflets in your rooms to tell your guests how they can travel around Dorset by public transport, on foot or by bike.

If you promote your tourism business on, you can add information to your landing page for arriving by public transport as well as road directions.

Read Green Tourism's blog about how to encourage customers to travel more sustainably.

Installing Electric Vehicle chargepoints at your business

If you are a small accommodation business or charity and thinking about installing an electric vehicle charging point at your business (whether for your customers or your staff), you might be eligible for grant funding through the Government's Workplace Charging Scheme.

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