Visitor profile for the Nature and Culture segment

The Nature and Culture segment represents 22% of the target market and 7 million adults.

This segment are nature lovers with a practical approach to life. They spend their free time exploring beauty spots and historical treasures. Holidays are driven by the destination and activities available and well researched prior to booking.

Distinct hobbies and interests of this segment are history, hiking, events and festivals, visitor attractions, markets, politics and economics, crafting, nature and the environment.

The majority (46%) of this segment are aged 55+, followed by 33% being aged 35-54. 62% of this group are working and 25% are retired.

66% fall into the ABC1 social grade with a slightly below average household income. 34% are dog owners and 29% have children in the household.

Distinguishing features of this segment:

1. This segment does a lot of research in advance of their holidays.

2. The first thing they usually look for when planning a trip away is a destination that is rich in culture.

3. They go out of their way to learn about local culture on a holiday.

4. They usually try to do something that they've never done before on their holidays.

5. It’s important that their holidays involve lots of excursions or day trips.

6. The accommodation is not that important – it’s just a base to explore the destination.

7. High-end or luxury accommodation and pampering is NOT a priority for this segment.

8. They always look for locally sourced food.

Accommodation choice

This segment is unfussy about accommodation rating and facilities, and are likely to book based on its location to good walks/attractions of interest. No frills needed, just a comfortable room.

However, B&Bs are often popular with character/heritage properties likely to draw interest. Eco credentials could add to the appeal.

Sights and Activities

This group is drawn to Dorset for its natural landscapes and wildlife, which they explore though self-guided sightseeing (often through walks) and organised boat trips.

They are more attracted by nature-based activities than other segments (e.g. fossil hunting and stargazing).

Cultural attractions also capture their interest (historic properties, harbour/quays, museums) - in particular Poole Harbour and Corfe Castle.

Food and Drink

Fine dining isn’t important to this segment, but they will opt for locally sourced food where available.

Fresh, natural cues are important, but relaxed rather than stylish – not pretentious.

This segment is likely to eat out rather than in a hotel restaurant, and prefer independent businesses over chains.

Events and Festivals

To this group festivals are valued as a way of appreciating culture outdoors, and learning about local culture.

Dorset County Show (38%) and Weymouth Seafood Festival (35%) both hold appeal for this segment, and they are the most likely to express interest in attending a local music/arts festival or event.

Marketing and Digital

This segment has above average awareness of Dorset’s selling points, but far from universal. Be sure to promote National Landscapes, miles of beautiful coastline to walk, the variety of wildlife that can be seen, and Dorset’s local culture/ history (including fossil hunting).

22% have visited in the past 3 years, and this segment likes to do/see something new when on holiday, so promote hidden gems to provide reasons to keep coming back.

Opportunity to target for off-peak visits by promoting any festivals held during the shoulder months and the opportunity to see different types of wildlife.

Many of the people in this segment research holidays via Google, so use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your websites.

Consider promotion through National Trust magazine or Ramblers.

What's the opportunity to market to this segment?

The size of opportunity is high. This segment is the largest of all the segments for adult only households. And also has the highest percentage of past or potential visitors who have or would visit Dorset off peak (between September and April).

The ease of attracting this segment is easy. 60% would consider visiting Dorset.

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