Visitor profile for the Active and Mindful segment

The Active and Mindful segment represents 20% of the target market and 6.4 million adults.

This is a physically active segment that likes a challenge, and enjoys new experiences. They are self-aware and carefully manage their physical and mental health. Holidays need to deliver a combination of physical, mental and social stimulation, as well as opportunities to relax, so a diverse offer is likely to appeal.

Distinct hobbies and interests of this segment are running and keeping fit, healthy eating, fashion and beauty, gaming, self-improvement, spirituality and meditation, and drawing and painting.

The majority (48%) of this segment are aged 35 and under, closely followed by 43% being aged 35-54. 83% of this group are working and only 4% are retired.

62% fall into the ABC1 social grade and have a higher than average household income.

This segment has the largest proportion of all the segments for children in the household at 53%, as well as being dog owners at 50%.

30% of this segment are from a black, Asian or mixed ethnicity background, which is the highest percentage of all the segments.

Distinguishing features of this segment:

1. This segment often chooses holidays where they can challenge themselves physically.

2. They would happily spend every day at the beach when on holiday.

3. The nightlife at the destination is as important than what there is to do during the day.

4. They are more well-travelled than most people.

5. It’s important to them to meet like-minded travellers on their holidays.

6. They are more likely to seek out pampering options than other segments.

7. This segment is attracted to accommodation and activity providers that support and encourage environmentally friendly behaviour in their guests.

8. They are willing to pay out to get the most out of their holidays.

9. Social media is important to this segment and they are one of the first to share their holiday experiences on social media platforms.

Accommodation choice

A stay based in Bournemouth may be better suited to adult only parties in this segment due to their interest in nightlife. However, there could be an opportunity to service families (53% have children in household) with hotels (3* or above), especially those located close to the beach. All inclusive options could also be a draw.

A third have a dog that they take on holiday (half are dog owners in total), which is also likely to influence choice of accommodation and may drive self-catering/B&B selection.

Wellness retreat packages in mid-tier/luxury/eco hotels may appeal for adult only parties.

This segment is eco-conscious, so it's important to reflect this in your offering and marketing.

This segment tends to book via intermediaries, often fairly last minute and are attracted by deals. So could be a useful target to fill any unsold bed spaces from April to August when they would tend to visit.

Sights and Activities

This is the most likely segment to engage in paid for activities and shopping. So this should be a core target market for businesses offering physical activities and sport (e.g. SUPs, cycling, horse riding etc).

Beach-based activities, especially swimming in the sea, are likely to be a key draw.

There is also an opportunity for ‘mindful’ activities e.g. spa access, yoga/relaxation classes.

Food and Drink

This segment ideally likes breakfast to be included within their accommodation booking.

For lunch – grab and go options that easily fit into busy/active days – fish and chips, bakeries etc.

Dinner is seen as more of an activity with this segment, seeking 'Instagramable’ worthy restaurants. They are interested in a range of restaurant types, including fine dining. Family friendly opening times (early opening for dinner) and popular chains for those visiting with kids.

Events and Festivals

Promotion of events and festivals to this segment is a good marketing tool to encourage the them to ‘book now’.

They are interested in a range of events, but this segment will be a key audience for sporty, music based, youthful and vibey type events e.g. Camp Bestival (35%). They are also drawn to Weymouth Seafood Festival (45%) and Dorset County Show (44%).

Marketing and Digital

To reach this segment promote your offering on social media platforms and via travel trade/press (e.g. travel agents, travel podcasts), featuring pristine beaches, a variety of physical activities, fun and wellness cues.

For families, promote on-beach activities and indoor family activity options for rainy days. Offer events and activities that promote family togetherness.

Encourage these visitors to write Google and Trip Advisor Reviews and to post holiday pictures on social media.

What's the opportunity to market to this segment?

The size of opportunity is high. This segment takes the largest number of day trips and UK holidays of all the segments. They also have a higher than average household income.

However, the ease of attracting this segment is difficult. They are the least likely segment (34%) who would consider visiting Dorset due to them not knowing enough about the county and a perception that there is not enough to do in bad weather. Poor transport links to and around Dorset may also be a barrier to booking.

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