Visitor profile for the Luxury and Learning segment

The Luxury and Learning segment represents 13% of the target market and 4.2 million adults - the smallest of all the segments.

This segment are lovers of the finer things in life – 5 star accommodation, good food, travel and high culture. They avoid tourist hotspots, but enjoy the prospect of rest and recuperation by the sea.

Distinct hobbies and interests of this segment are fine dining, visiting parks and gardens, cooking, heritage and history, gardening, museums and galleries, performance art, and politics and economics.

The majority (56%) of this segment are aged 55+ with 59% working and 31% being retired. Only 26% have children in the household. 

67% of this segment are in the ABC1 social grade and have the highest average household income of all the segments.

Distinguishing features of this segment:

1. This segment does a lot of research in advance of their holidays.

2. High-end and luxury accommodation is a priority for their holidays.

3. They always look for locally sourced food.

4. Many say it’s important to have the option of fine dining on a holiday.

5. When it comes to holidays, they will pay whatever it takes to get the best experience.

6. The first thing they usually look for when planning a trip away is a destination that is rich in culture.

7. They go out of their way to learn about local culture on a holiday.

8. They are more well-travelled than most people.

Accommodation choice

With a higher than average number of stays each year and a preference for luxury or mid-tier hotels, it is likely this segment will use hotel loyalty schemes, which may restrict the providers considered, but there is still an opportunity to attract to (any) premium hotels, or self-catering that meet their requirements – typically quiet locations preferred with good dining options nearby.

They are likely to look for scenic views, privacy and good amenities e.g. a pool, restaurant (not so important to have a gym), and parking.

Free newspapers for guests (broadsheets) would be welcomed by this segment.

Sights and Activities

Dorset’s heritage features high on their list of things to do/see in Dorset. Corfe Castle is popular, as are historic harbours/quays, but this segment could also be attracted to Thomas Hardy Country.

Foodie and artisan related activities also attract interest – local/ farmers markets, and quality restaurants.

Food and Drink

This segment mostly eats out when on holiday and its important to them to have the option of fine dining, with wine recommendations to pair with food.

They are attracted to fresh, locally sourced food e.g. seafood – today’s catch.

Restaurant views and/or ambiance is likely to be important.

Events and Festivals

This segment is interested in Food Festivals and artisan offerings, so Weymouth Seafood Festival (39%) appeals. Dorset County Show (45%) also attracts interest.

Cultural events, particularly those based in historic properties are also likely to appeal e.g. open air theatre or concerts at a historic property, historical re-enactments etc. As an older segment, availability of comfortable seating is likely to be important (e.g. deck chair rather than picnic mats for open air events).

Marketing and Digital

Luxury and Learning are most likely to associate Dorset with its nature attractions, but are more drawn to its local/heritage attractions/activities, so ensure these are highlighted in targeted marketing.

Day trip and holiday researching will often use official channels (e.g. Tourist Information Centres or Visit Dorset) and TripAdvisor for reassurance of a quality experience.

Advertisements or new stories in luxury magazines and newspapers would appeal to this group.

With the majority of this segment being 55+ years, there is potential to attract them during the shoulder months from March until November.

What's the opportunity to market to this segment?

The size of opportunity is low being the smallest of all the segments, but there is potential for off-peak visits. Remember, this group has the largest spending power of all the segments.

The ease of attracting this segment is easy. They have the highest percentage of visitors who visited Dorset in the past 3 years and 54% would consider visiting the county in the future.

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