Visitor profile for the Fun and Relaxation segment

The Fun and Relaxation segment represents 25% of the target market and 8 million adults - the largest of all the segments.

This segment are bargain hunters who tend to stick to popular leisure options and holiday destinations. Holidays are about letting go and finding a way to relax, so all-inclusive offers are popular with this group.

The age groups of this segment are fairly evenly split, with 39% being 35-54 years old, 31% being 55+ and 29% being under 35 years old.

66% of this segment are working and 15% are retired. 42% have children in the household and 33% are dog owners.

54% of this segment are in the ABC1 social grade and have a slightly lower than average household income.

Distinguishing features of this segment:

1. Holidays are more about relaxing than ‘doing’.

2. They are happy to return to the same destination again and again.

3. All-inclusive food and drink are a big selling point for them when booking a holiday.

4. They don’t want to think about sustainability or the environment on their holidays.

5. They are more than happy to stick to tourist hot spots on their holidays.

6. They would happily spend every day at the beach when on holiday.

7. Many are happy to spend the majority of their holiday in or around the resort/accommodation.

Accommodation choice

For adults, all-inclusive hotel/resort packages are important. Décor is less important than facilities.

Families (42% in segment) are most likely to opt for self-catering options (e.g. holiday parks, camping, self-catering etc).

On site facilities are desirable, but they are unlikely to use a hotel restaurant. 

A location close to a beach/attractions is important to this segment.

Sights and Activities

Many in this group are happy to spend the majority of their holiday in and around the resort or accommodation (depending on the facilities available) or at the beach.

They are attracted to free and easy leisure activities in particular sunbathing, swimming in the sea, walking and shopping/bargain hunting.

The fine sand and family-friendly activities/facilities available at Weymouth and Bournemouth Beaches make these popular destinations with this segment.

The most appealing paid activities are visiting an animal/farm park (e.g. Monkey World and Farmer Palmer’s), boat trips and spas or pampering.

Food and Drink

Opportunities are limited as they tend to opt for self-catering or all inclusive accommodation, but they might indulge in cheap and cheerful options close to the beach or accommodation e.g. fish and chips, fast food, cafes, ice creams.

Events and Festivals

This segment has limited interest overall in events and this is unlikely to drive holiday visits.

Marketing and Digital

Dorset’s beaches are likely to be the key selling point – promote Weymouth’s soft sands and facilities, along with cheap and easy indoor/poor weather options (e.g. shopping, Farmer Palmer’s etc). 

Get them on your mailing list as they are open to returning to the same destination again and again.

Be sure to use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your websites so Dorset comes up top for searches of UK seaside resorts.

Encourage visitors to write Google and Trip Advisor Reviews and to promote the area on social media (e.g. by setting up photo opportunities).

This group is drawn by offers, deals and packages.

What's the opportunity to market to this segment?

The size of opportunity is moderate. They are the second largest segment to take a UK holiday, but less likely to take day trips. Even though they are the largest segment, their spending power is less than others.

The ease of attracting this segment is moderate. Cost may be barrier, as well as the lack of knowledge about the county. They have a perception that there is not enough to do in bad weather.

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