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Enjoying a Sherborne Christmas!

Remember that feeling of butterflies in your tummy when you were little and the nights began to draw in and windows started to twinkle with pretty fairy lights? You knew that something good was just round the corner even though you had to wrap up warm to keep out the cold? Well, that’s the feeling I still get every year when I see the little Christmas trees hoisted up to their proud positions above some of the shops in Sherborne’s Cheap Street. Okay, Sherborne doesn’t go in for some of the blowsy, full blown, decoration festooning of some of its near neighbours. Sherborne likes a more subtle approach, but it works because it already has something of a Christmassy atmosphere embedded in the stones of many of its buildings.

Have you ever noticed – some towns just have this Christmas feeling? In Sherborne’s case it's magnificent Abbey, its glorious hamstone soaking up admiring looks both night and day, makes your ears strain to hear what you know is going to be Christmas inspired melodies seeping out past its stained glass windows and magnificent gothic doors to draw you in to its warm embrace.

The magnificient Sherborne Abbey, Dorset

Go up the steps towards the Abbey and then turn right towards the town and as you walk past the entrance to Sherborne Museum (definitely worth a visit) you will come to the Christmas tree just adjacent to The Conduit.

The lights were switched on to mark the end of Sherborne’s Festive Shopping Day. This takes place every year and is a great way to spend the first Sunday of December as the Town celebrates with brass bands, stalls and dancing in the streets!